Why Planning Your Shipments Is Important


Scheduling is one of the most important factors when it comes to shipping logistics in Los Angeles Port. If done right, it can drive revenue. When done poorly, it can bring your whole operation to a screeching halt.

As obvious as this sounds, there are several cases where this may not happen. A variety of factors, ranging from lack of planning, incorrect processes followed, and custom clearance can make your shipments swerve way off schedule.

The shipping and freight world is very dynamic. There’s nothing new there. This highlights the very crucial role that planning plays and the importance of checking and rechecking all possible scenarios and preparing for the worst. We have seen many such circumstances in our long career with logistics services in Torrance, California.

If you, however, do not have the luxury of buffer time and if your shipments are going to be a priority, you need to have a special discussion with your shipping line, freight forwarder, or transporter. The most important point when planning your shipments is communication. Keep communicating with your logistics provider.

On the flip side, improving your logistics scheduling process by harnessing the power of technology can reduce the time it takes to plan. Y5 SOLUTIONS, INC. has a global vision of using the latest technology to bridge the markets of the world. Our logistics solutions in Long Beach Port combine technology and global logistics expertise to serve customers’ needs. That means no more endless calls, papers, and emails—you can control all the movement from the cloud.

Learn more about our platform and services and get in touch with us today.

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